Sunday, May 24, 2009

Garrick Family Get Together

Brandon & Aunt Diana

Chelsea's Baby Jace

Grandma Connie


Cameron & Mac

Robert and Lorene

Austin, Brandon(hid his face with the hat)

Chelsea Jo being a DORK

Trin on the slide

Trinitie & Linsey

Trinitie playing at the park

Tiffany & Mac

Chelsea, Rick, & Tiffany

Chana & Her Baby Jada

Cameron, Tiffany, and Mac

We had the Garrick family get together today (Brandons Grandma Connies side) at the North Park in Provo. It was kinda bad just the weather was horrible it rained the whole time we were at the park, then of coarse soon as we left the park to go and see grandpa dick at the hospital, when we walked out of the hospital it was all nice and sunny STUPID weather. Here are just a few pictures not very many people came but hey it was still a nice little get together.


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