Sunday, May 24, 2009

Garrick Family Get Together

Brandon & Aunt Diana

Chelsea's Baby Jace

Grandma Connie


Cameron & Mac

Robert and Lorene

Austin, Brandon(hid his face with the hat)

Chelsea Jo being a DORK

Trin on the slide

Trinitie & Linsey

Trinitie playing at the park

Tiffany & Mac

Chelsea, Rick, & Tiffany

Chana & Her Baby Jada

Cameron, Tiffany, and Mac

We had the Garrick family get together today (Brandons Grandma Connies side) at the North Park in Provo. It was kinda bad just the weather was horrible it rained the whole time we were at the park, then of coarse soon as we left the park to go and see grandpa dick at the hospital, when we walked out of the hospital it was all nice and sunny STUPID weather. Here are just a few pictures not very many people came but hey it was still a nice little get together.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Princess Trinitie

For her Birhtday she got a little Cinderella Dress up Kit and she had tried it on the sleeves of her shirt started to hurt her so she took it off, but didn't want her boobies to show is what she told all of us so she pulled the skirt up. It was so funny and her chubby little thighs, it was cute.

ATT Bars

With the Grandkids we have our own little ATT bars going on Trinitie 3 Years, Mac 9 Months and Jace 1 week

Mac & Baby Jace

Chelsea baby was born like 5 weeks early and he is SOOOO tiny compared to my children, a have a few pictures here of Mac and Jace. The one with them in the Red outfits Brandon and Brett(Jaces dad) play on a slowpitch mens softball and this was the outfit they both wore to the game and no it actually was not planned out for them to both wear it. It just happened great minds think alike

Trinities 3rd Birthday

We did a family birthday party for Trinitie on Sunday the 3rd the day before her birthday, she had so much fun. It was a really long day for the rest of us to get everything ready, but everything turned out ok..... Wait the rain, stupid rain it was so nice all day long which pand out great for us because we were doing the party outside, but no once we got every one sat down the first time in came into a down pour I was so mad, the same thing happened on my birthday in August the year I got married if you all remember that. Her cake was Ariel (the little mermaid). She got so many presents I still don't know what to do with them all. Let see she got Alot of coloring books and crayons (good thing cause she likes to color) A baby alive potty training baby, Lots of clothes, A skateboard, a bike, and a Jeep. She absoultly loved it all. Her are some of the pictures I took for her Birthday!

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